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[FluidKit Update] Fixed bugs, added stuff

This is just a short post on some of the changes that have been checked in. There were couple of people who provided suggestions/tips/feedback on the controls. I have incorporated most of them and will continue to improve in the next release. Thanks to Ricky Ralston, Marlon Grech, Jeremiah Morill, Ben from iTagSoftware.


  • New Pixel Shaders added: WarpEffect and a DynamicShaderEffect (experimental)

Bug Fixes

  • TransitionContainer crashes when a second transition is invoked while a previous one is playing
  • CubeTransition crashes when TransitionContainer is used more than once in a Window. This had to do with the Viewport3D, which already had a parent
  • Added a SelectedIndexChanged event to ElementFlow

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[FluidKit Update] Fixed bugs, added stuff
Pavan Podila
Pavan Podila
July 29th, 2008