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Blinking UI with a CaretBrush

A few days back while I was busy designing some UI for a Silverlight app, I accidentally hit upon this fun hack.


If you assign a shared Brush resource to the CaretBrush property of the TextBox control, then you start seeing some crazy blinking-light effects at places where the shared Brush is used. It is really fun the first time you see it happening and then on, it is sure to cause some Dilbert style “Mahjobbis Crappus”.

Fortunately the solution is quite simple: DO NOT use a shared brush resource for the CaretBrush !

Demo / Download

Below you will find a sample Silverlight app that shows this in action:

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Blinking UI with a CaretBrush
Pavan Podila
Pavan Podila
May 26th, 2011