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Quick update on the WPF Control Development Unleashed book

As many of you know my co-author Kevin Hoffman and I have been quite busy finishing up a book on WPF control development. We have few more chapters to finish and then we will be content ready for tech review. The first half of the book is already done and we are going through the tech review as I write. The tech review phase will add a lot of polish to the book and make it an enjoyable read. I am glad to have a master-writer like Kevin working with me, who is doing the part of “making it enjoyable” !

At the recent MVP Summit, I got a chance to catch up with other MVP buddies who also provided some valuable feedback on the content. Interestingly, my publisher was also at the Summit and it was the first time meeting him. He can be sure now that it is not a robot writing the book.

In the last few weeks, I got emails from many of you asking about the status of the book. I hope this post will tell you that things are moving towards completion. Some of you have offered to review the book, which was quite flattering for me. I will try to reach out to you once I incorporate the feedback from my current reviewers.

If you are curious to know more about the book, try Amazon. We already have a placeholder for the book!

BTW, this is going to be a full color book with rich set of examples, controls, figures and of course syntax-highlighted code!


Quick update on the WPF Control Development Unleashed book
Pavan Podila
Pavan Podila
March 18th, 2009