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The new TransitionPresenter in FluidKit

Over the past couple of days I had a chance to update the TranstionContainer control in FluidKit. There are a bunch of refactorings and some new features:


  • TransitionContainer has been renamed to TransitionPresenter
  • Previously TransitionPresenter was a ContentControl, but used as if it were an ItemsControl. I have now made it into an ItemsControl, which gives you data-binding capabilities. This is pretty useful if your transitioning between data-bound items instead of screens/views in your application.
  • A new property called IsLooped has been added. This allows you to play a continuous transition as soon the TransitionPresenter gets loaded. This was added because of a requirement in my current project. I am not sure if this is useful elsewhere but thought I’ll roll this update into FluidKit. There is also a RestDurationproperty that allows you to set the pause time between transitions. This property is only useful when IsLooped is true.

As always, the code is checked into CodePlex :-)

The new TransitionPresenter in FluidKit
Pavan Podila
Pavan Podila
November 5th, 2008