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A Carousel component in jQuery

Sometime back I had done a landing web page for some of the internal projects at my company. The page was supposed to be pure Html with Css and Javascript. jQuery was an obvious choice for me as I had already used it successfully in my earlier projects. We decided to show the projects in a carousel view, something like so: image

In the spirit of jQuery, I made the carousel component as a plugin. For some of the animations and positioning aspects of the carousel, I used the dimensions and ui plugins. You can hover over each item to see a tooltip for the project. The tooltips are shown using the clueTip plugin.


Download files

You can download the zip containing the demo files along with the complete source for the carousel plugin. [Note that the version of jQuery I am using may be older.]

[Update] You can now see a live demo

Hope you find it useful :)

A Carousel component in jQuery
Pavan Podila
Pavan Podila
October 1st, 2008