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Visual Enhancements to the Virtualized CoverFlow


Over the past couple of days (or is it weeks ;)), I have played with tons of tweaks and customizations for the virtualized CoverFlow. I think I finally have a winner from my project’s perspective. Although I can’t share that version, I’ll show you one that is a few days old. It is quite close to the final result, except for the visual polish.

So what are these enhancements ?

  • Smoother animations
  • Improvements to speed scrolling and animations at the edges. The edge animations come into play during the container recycling.
  • Optimizations to container management. You can now tweak a few exposed parameters to improve performance. [Note: This is only for developers of the CoverFlow control and not for clients using the control]
  • Use of lights and shadows with LinearGradientBrush

Have a look,

Visual Enhancements to the Virtualized CoverFlow
Pavan Podila
Pavan Podila
September 22nd, 2008