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Notes from the talk at NJ .Net UG

I had a fun time yesterday presenting WPF to the NJ .Net User Group. The audience was a mix of people who had WPF experience, beginners, Interaction Designers and some of them coming from very different backgrounds like Linux administrator, VB6 programmer! It was great chatting with some of them after the talk.

My presentation was titled:


I started with the basics of the Visual trees: Logical + Visual and then covered the Layout system in WPF. I also touched upon how one can design visual trees with ControlTemplates and DataTemplates. The interesting part started when I got down to my other presentation tool: Visual Studio!


I covered a series of demos by building upon some concepts and showing how they worked at runtime. It was a mix of live-coding, talking about code-structure and good practices for WPF development. These included things like:

  • Controlling Z-order of elements with GetVisualChild() and VisualChildrenCount
  • Use of InternalResources and Generics
  • Embedding 3D inside 2D controls
  • Interacting with 3D models

At the end I gave a demo of ElementFlow in its full glory. I think the audience liked that more than all of my earlier talk ;)

Special notes for the attendees

[Update] Added PDF version of the slides

image Download Slides (PPTX, PDF)

image Download Demo source code

Notes from the talk at NJ .Net UG
Pavan Podila
Pavan Podila
April 11th, 2008