Introducing FluidKit - A WPF Library of Controls, Helpers and the likes...

Over the past couple of months I have developed a bunch of custom controls and utility classes, which people have found useful. However all of these were released independently, had differing namespaces and lacked a common point of download. Well, not anymore !


I have launched a new CodePlex project called FluidKitthat aims to tie in all my work under a common library. All future custom controls and WPF goodies will be added to this library. As of today the following items are part of the library:

Custom Controls, Panels


  • DragDropManager ( Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 )
  • PennerDoubleAnimation + PennerInterpolator
    • This was derived from a Google Code project: wpf-animation. I did a bunch of refactorings, moved the interpolation equations to a separate class (PennerInterpolator), removed the use of reflection to invoke easing equations.

[*Note: I will also be adding the ElementFlow control and others to the library.*]

At this time, it is in a source-only form with a BSD license.

Go ahead and explore !