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The new Expression Blend RC

The Blend RC has just been released. As an eager child I got hold of it and checked if my projects were looking good inside it!

Some of the things that I noticed right off the bat:

  • I can now see my custom Window control in all its glory right inside Blend. In the previous version I was only seeing some rectangles with solid colors.

  • Still having trouble with ResourceDictionaries that have been linked using absolute paths (eg: /Assets/PanelIcons.xaml). I know it works inside VS2005.

    error xaml icons

  • Storyboards that are not linked to any Triggers don’t show up in the Resources panel. I would love to have them editable.

I am sure there are more, but i’ll post them as I discover and probably post on the Blend newsgroups or Connect.

The new Expression Blend RC
Pavan Podila
Pavan Podila
March 14th, 2007