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Creating and consuming XAML icons from Expression Design

I really like the simplicity and ease of use in Expression Design. Vector editing never felt so enjoyable. I play the dual role of designer and developer for my projects — not always good, but works for now. Recently I had to create some simple icons in Design and use them in a WPF app. The workflow I adopted simplified the process and made it easier for me to use. I’ll outline the steps I adopted below.


  • Create 32x32 sized XAML icons
  • Icons will be high contrast: white on dark background
  • Make it easier to use them directly in XAML…without any further modification

The icons that I created look something like this:



Structure of the .design file

Each icon was created on a separate layer. The layers have been named according to the icon it contains. Since each icon needs to be 32x32, I had to enclose the icon inside a rectangle (W=32, H=32) with Opacity=0 (alpha=0). This ensures that the exported XAML will constrain the icon to that size. Here is how my Layers panel looks:


During editing, only the layer that I work on is set visible. The “Base” layer only acts as a background during the design mode. It is not exported (by setting it invisible). All the other layers will be set visible.

While exporting, use the following options:


This creates a DrawingBrush for each icon and nicely names it according to the layer name! You will now have a ResourceDictionary containing all the icons as resources.

Using the icons

To use the icons, I start by including the ResourceDictionary in my component’s Resources. Then I create a <Rectangle/> of Width=32, Height=32 and set its Fill to the DrawingBrush. For example I would use the Mike icon like so:

<Rectangle Fill="{StaticResource Mike}"

If you had to create more icons, just put them on individual layers and then export them as shown above. It will dump into a ResourceDictionary which you have already included in your App. You can then use the icons as Brush resource on tags like Rectangle or Border.

Creating and consuming XAML icons from Expression Design
Pavan Podila
Pavan Podila
March 15th, 2007