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Amazing live Physics simulation program

Its one of those lucky days when you find a program so cool and that you feel like having it yourself…or if you are developer like, develop it yourself ;) Have a look at this YouTube video (click picture) and you will know what I am talking about.

So now my developer brain kicks in and starts thinking: can I do this with WPF? First I’ll have to get hold of the whitepaper (if there is one) that talks about this. But even without it I guess you can pull off this kind of stuff.

  • We will need an InkCanvas to take care of all the drawing (drawing with stylus is fun ;))
  • Once the drawing is done, we could replace that with strokes or just use the ink information
  • Now I’ll need some Physics engine to kick in and use all these objects. Since I have objects that have been pinned to the background, the only ones that will move are the non-pinned objects. I can pass the object information to my Physics engine and it could give me the values every time interval. In short animate the non-pinned objects.
  • Once we have all this, its time to play endlessly and watch the balls roll down ;)
Amazing live Physics simulation program
Pavan Podila
Pavan Podila
October 17th, 2006