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Slideshow visualization in WPF

Viewing photographs is always fun. What if there was a cool visualization to view them? Well with WPF, the what-if question should be replaced with when. So here is a little application that takes in a bunch of images and adds some nice slideshow effects. The images that I am using are from Michael Swanson’s blog. Have a look at the video for a sneak preview of the application. The video is a little choppy but the application runs much smoother.

I will upload the source code soon, but as of now you can download the binaries.

Steps to run

  1. Unzip and open up the index.xml file
  2. Point the BaseDirectory to the <Unzip-Directory>/SlideShow
  3. Execute the SlideShow.exe
  4. Try using your own set of images!
Slideshow visualization in WPF
Pavan Podila
Pavan Podila
August 18th, 2006