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DataModel-View-ViewModel pattern

Dan Crevier has made some great posts on using the DataModel-View-ViewModel pattern, which is the defacto pattern for implementing WPF based applications. I believe that using this pattern will enable a better Designer-Developer workflow, which has been my focus for past few weeks.

For my own reference I am collating all his posts here:

DataModel-View-ViewModel pattern: 1

DataModel-View-ViewModel pattern: 2

DM-V-VM part 3: A sample DataModel

DM-V-VM part 4: Unit testing the DataModel

DM-V-VM part 5: Commands

DM-V-VM part 6: Revisiting the data model

DataModel-View-ViewModel pattern
Pavan Podila
Pavan Podila
August 27th, 2006